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A Binary Operation Puzzle – Thoughts Your Selections

Due to Boomii from Taiwan for the suggestion!

Suppose the binary operation ☆ is outlined in order that

xy = (x + y) / (1 + xy).

Simplify the expression

{ … [(2 ☆ 3) ☆ 4] ☆ … } ☆ 2021

As normal, watch the video for an answer.

Binary operation puzzle

Or preserve studying.

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Let’s work out a number of examples.

2 ☆ 3 = (2 + 3)/(1 + 2·3) = 5/7
(2 ☆ 3) ☆ 4 = (5/7 + 4)/(1 + (5/7)·4) = 9/11
[(2 ☆ 3) ☆ 4] ☆ 5 = (9/11 + 5)/(1 + (9/11)·5) = 7/8 = 14/16
{[(2 ☆ 3) ☆ 4] ☆ 5} ☆ 6 = (7/8 + 6)/(1 + (7/8)·6) = 11/10 = 22/20

Let an be the expression with the most important integer n. Then from the calculations, we will hypothesize a method:

if n is odd, then
an = (n(n + 1)/2 – 1)/(n(n + 1)/2 + 1)
if n is even, then
an = (n(n + 1)/2 + 1)/(n(n + 1)/2 – 1)

Assuming the method is true, we’ve:

= (2021(2021 + 1)/2 – 1)/(2021(2021 + 1)/2 + 1)
= 1,021,615/1,021,616

Proof of method

Let’s use mathematical induction. The method is true for base instances n = 3, 4. Now assume the method is true for an integer okay ≥3. We have to present the method holds for okay + 1. We are going to break the proof into instances the place okay is odd and even.

If okay is odd, then okay + 1 is even and we’ve:

aokay + 1 = aokay ☆ (okay + 1)

By the induction speculation we will substitute for aokay.

= [(k(k + 1)/2 – 1)/(k(k + 1)/2 + 1)] ☆ (okay + 1)
= [(k(k + 1) – 2)/(k(k + 1) + 2)] ☆ (okay + 1)
= [(k(k + 1) – 2)/(k(k + 1) + 2) + (k + 1)]/[1 + (k(k + 1) – 2)/(k(k + 1) + 2)(k + 1)]
= [(k(k + 1) – 2) + (k + 1)(k(k + 1) + 2)]/[(k(k + 1) + 2) + (k(k + 1) – 2)(k + 1)]
= (okay3 + 3okay2 + 4okay)/(okay3 + 3okay2)
= (okay2 + 3okay + 4)/(okay2 + 3okay)
= ((okay + 1)(okay + 2) + 2)/((okay + 1)(okay + 2) – 2)
= ((okay + 1)(okay + 2)/2 + 1)/((okay + 1)(okay + 2)/2 – 1)

This verifies the method holds for okay + 1.

The proof for okay is even is analogous (particulars omitted).

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