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Chainmail Complement | The Tune of the Susurrus

Sea Battles, Further Fantasy Guidelines & the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

These additional choices on Sea Battles and further Fantasy guidelines have been written by W. A. Rogers for Lowry’s Guidon #6, 1973 and embrace an attention-grabbing rule for Morgul blades and provides spell limitations.

I haven’t been capable of finding out any particulars about W. A. Rogers in any respect to this point.

Photographs: Chainmail Additions by W. A. Rogers in Lowry’s Guidon #6, 1973 [Author collection].

There was additionally a later “fantasy variant” battle state of affairs for Chainmail by Kenneth W. Burke, revealed in Panzerfaust journal, concern 64, 1974. That is an totally bonkers battle state of affairs of the forces of excellent versus evil, taking off from the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

It options the military of Hamlin comprised of Merlin, the city mayor wielding a magic sword known as Excelsior, elvish bowmen and heavy subject weapons, amongst different formations, and the forces of the Pied Piper embrace the Piper himself, as a wizard, Orcs, Trolls, Have been-Bears, Large Bats and one wraith – who’s the spirit of the crippled boy within the story.

Photographs: Chainmail Fantasy Variant by Kenneth W. Burke in Panzerfaust #64, 1974 [Author collection].

If the forces of Hamlin win, “all of the monsters will develop into youngsters (as if there’s a distinction)” and everybody will dwell fortunately ever after once more.

Let it not be mentioned that it wasn’t a time for grand experiment within the wargame neighborhood.



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