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Christian Ideas on Kult Tarot Playing cards?

I ponder if Kult used a non-Tarot deck depend intentionally to interrupt the occult connection drawback. Its the kind of strategy I would use.

I feel this most likely attributes extra goal worth to the specifics of the instruments used than is de facto essential. Strictly talking, you might use a wonderfully abnormal deck of taking part in playing cards for divination so long as you labored out your personal scheme of symbolic that means for the playing cards, and by the requirements of the Catechism that will be simply as sinful an act as utilizing any classical Tarot deck.

That is the thought means of the non secular nuts. The place something, and I imply something even hinting of the supernatural is eeeeevil and should be killed. An ordinary deck of taking part in playing cards is rarely going to be a functioning Tarot studying machine regardless of how exhausting somebody tries to delude themselves. So the non secular quack needs to be pointing on the wanna-be tarot reader and yell “loony!” as a result of that’s no less than correct in some sense.

Tarot studying and plenty of different occult trappings have some relatively particular guidelines to them. You deal with the thing simply so or its going to interrupt. Alot of occult magic is remarkably fragile. Fuck up even one little step and also you at finest get nothing. And at worst appeal to somethings consideration.

On the finish of the day although I dont care of this stuff are occult, superscience from atlantis, psionics, subconcious/ID monster dialup, or all nonesense. Some folks could make this stuff work and a few folks ought to by no means be handed a loaded gun. Hell. Some folks ought to by no means be allowed close to RPGs.

Storygamers are proof of that.  8)



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