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D&D 5E – Examine Out These Spelljammer Ships! | EN World | Dungeons & Dragons

I’ve at all times been very puzzled by Spelljammer. I bear in mind when it got here out the primary time. I had nothing in opposition to it however determined it wasn’t for me. I are inclined to favor a extra “conventional fantasy” setting for D&D. If I wished to play in area with area ships, I might play Star Wars or Star Trek or one thing alongside these strains. I am curious if there’s certainly a HUGE following for Spelljammer and in that case, what do they like about it?

precisely the factor that causes your disinterest, really.

Star Wars won’t ever be Treasure Planet with magic. At the least not with out heavy transforming. Alternity might come very shut, however nonetheless assumes sci-fi ships.

Once I was engaged on my House Fantasy! setting, I made it a galaxy with a naturally occurring aether fuel that each one life varieties might breath, and that may very well be distilled right into a gas together with another components, mixed that with some crystal punk, and ended up with a galaxy through which you may see a goblin or human ion impulse pushed starship with a sealed hull, as a result of the aether is skinny the place they developed, a dryad ship that could be a forest that has come collectively right into a residing ship with a gestalt conciousness that wants a younger and mentally agile thoughts to pilot it, a gnomish crystal powered ship with an open deck and arcane cannons, whose sails each catch aether winds and gather that aether to energy the core crystal on the coronary heart of the ship, which is itself possessed of a form of sentience which supplies the ship it is personal quirks and character, crusing lengthy the identical Star Lane as an amazing astral wyrm with it is colonies of kobolds residing on it is floor, all being watched over by Angel Knights of their aether powered mech fits of the human-lead Coalition of Free Worlds, the Star Rangers of their mild and fast private interceptors that may remodel into AI managed mechanical horses when wanted, and diverse others.

That very same form of mixture of future and previous, actual area and HG Wells fashion fantastical area, scifi and fantasy, is exactly what attracts lots of people to Spelljammer.




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