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Designer Notes #68: Chris DeLay – Half 1

On this episode, Soren and Leyla interview unbiased sport developer Chris DeLay, co-founder of Introversion Software program and greatest recognized for his work on Uplink, Darwinia, Defcon, and Jail Architect. They talk about why they hid the credit display for Uplink, who Darwinia’s Dr. Sepulveda relies on, and whether or not you may have an excessive amount of enjoyable taking part in Defcon. This episode was recorded on March 22, 2022.

Video games mentioned: Thundercats, Civilization, Pirates!, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, Cannon Fodder, Elite, Chaos, Defcon, Uplink, Darwinia, Geometry Wars, Multiwinia, Subversion, Elite Harmful, Jail Architect, Invisible Inc, Burgle Bros, Monaco, Gunpoint




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