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Gnomadic Gardeners Kickstarter Preview –

No. of Gamers: 1-2

Enjoying Time: 10-Quarter-hour.

You and your opponent are head gardeners on the neighborhood backyard, with groups fashioned of gnomes. You want to full duties to boost provides for the native meals financial institution. Sadly for you, your free-spirited sprites continuously change groups and assist your opponent accumulate bliss factors as an alternative of you! By sustaining a well-staffed workforce, full duties and accumulate bliss to win the sport.

Every spherical, gamers place not less than 1 gnome card face-down from their hand. Concurrently reveal gnomes and decide who will resolve their playing cards first. Use your gnomes to satisfy necessities depicted by the present process playing cards. Doing so will rating bliss and generally recruit loyal enchanted animals who will show you how to in future rounds. Lastly, each gamers go performed gnomes to the opponent to be used within the subsequent spherical, whereas additionally maintaining their very own unplayed gnomes. Win by gaining 77 bliss.

Distinctive mechanics embody (1) gaining your opponent’s expended playing cards, (2) a sliding card system to generate contemporary duties that you may barely foresee, and (3) an automa to help solo play.

Distinctive theming consists of (1) backyard gnomes, (2) inoffensive however foolish illustrations, and (3) an unrepuntant love of puns within the taste textual content.


Disclaimer: The writer offered the prototype copy of Gnomadic Gardeners. The opinions expressed within the evaluate are fully my very own.









I like gnomes. I’ve gnomes in my backyard. I’ve a gnome at my workplace. I’ve gnomes in my dwelling. I additionally love brief two-player video games. Fervent Video games has launched a card sport that someway checks each bins on the identical time with Chris Scaffidi’s Gnomadic Gardeners. It performs solo or with two gamers in about Quarter-hour. To this point, so good. I’m going to evaluate this sport from a two-player place.


Guidelines & Setup:

To arrange, unfold the sport mat. Place a star token of every colour on the zero of each scoring tracks. Shuffle and deal 6 gnome playing cards to every participant. Shuffle and flip excessive two of the “process” playing cards inserting them facet by facet. You are actually able to play.

The principles are easy sufficient. Every gnome card has two elements which can be vital every spherical: the time within the higher left, and the icons down the left facet. Every spherical performs concurrently. Every participant decides which gnomes and what number of gnomes to play in secret. When each are prepared, the gnomes are revealed. The participant that performed the mix with the bottom time allotment goes first. On a tie, the participant with the fewest gnomes performed goes first. Nonetheless tied, the particular person in final place. Nonetheless tied? Youngest.


Theme and Mechanics:

The theme of gnomes was actually what drew me to the sport. Thematically, it really works. Chris Scaffidi tells you that you’re recruiting gnomes and that they will change sides (after you employ them). I like the theme and the little story behind it.


Mechanically, Gnomadic Gardeners makes use of such a small quantity of playing cards very effectively. Utilizing the Process Playing cards twice earlier than discarding every time and shuffling between makes use of retains the replayability excessive, and it maximizes every card. The gnomes themselves make the most of the iconography and the time on every one. I like the mechanics of their simplicity and strategic-ness.



You and your opponent try to match the combos of icons on the left process card to acquire the reward on the adjoining proper process card. Every gnome card performed might solely be used for one process. Solely the primary participant to say a process can declare it that spherical. Any gnome performed is handed over to your opponent. If the duty you needed was taken by your opponent earlier than your flip, the gnome(s) are nonetheless misplaced.

Modify the scores accordingly for every participant. If any participant meets or exceeds 77, the sport is over and the very best rating wins. Why 77? I don’t know. I can inform you, don’t get too comfortable within the lead. I used to be at 76 to my son at 66. He went and scored a large 20 to my 8, and I misplaced.

Paintings and Elements:

The paintings is cute and simply learn. The flavour textual content provides enjoyable to the sport. The elements, then again, do little service to this sport. The mat is a quad folded piece of paper. It is going to put on out shortly when you play this sport usually, and I have already got performed it over 6 instances. You may laminate it, however then it is not going to match within the case. I might recommend every participant receives two playing cards to make up their very own scoreboard.

Subsequent, the cubes, whereas I hate cubes, they work for this sport. Nevertheless, I might eliminate the celebs and simply make them cubes, too. Then, rid the sport of the plain grey cubes and provides every participant a set of pink or blue cubes. The yellow discs are high quality. All of the wood elements will stand up to play, however they only might use somewhat tweaking. I had this thought after enjoying the sport with The Son: change out the cubes for cones. They’d appear like gnome hats.



The Good:

I sat and figured this sport out throughout lunch hour on my own. Why I didn’t be taught the solo model, I have no idea. I simply didn’t. I took the sport dwelling and taught The Son (10yo) the sport. We performed it back-to-back. It’s at all times enjoyable to observe him be taught a brand new sport. By sport three, he had it found out and beat me, as I discussed above. The sport performs quick. I additionally performed it with a fellow designer at a restaurant as we waited on our meals. I taught it, and we performed it, in much less time than it took to get our lunch. Actually, lunch arrived as we have been closing the lid. The replayability shines. Every sport, the gnome playing cards are randomly dealt, and the duties playing cards come out randomly. This retains the sport fascinating!


The Different:

Apart from the element points I discussed above, Gnomadic Gardeners performs quick and enjoyable. I might additionally recommend presumably an A/B model of the duty playing cards to supply somewhat extra variability and add only a bit extra replayability. The randomness can have an effect on the sport in dangerous methods, although. If you may get the precise helpers for an inexpensive price early, you possibly can run away with the sport.


Remaining Ideas:

I believed I had found out a strategy to break the sport. A method that was unbeatable. It had labored each time I employed it. Then, I received trounced by The Son. Whereas I nonetheless suppose that technique has some promise, Gnomadic Gardeners is actually not damaged. The flavour textual content and paintings are cute. I have to be taught the solo model, however I simply take pleasure in it a lot as a two-player sport that I’ve not wanted to be taught the solo model. I believe the age of 14+ is a bit too excessive, as I performed and was crushed by my 10 12 months outdated. I urge you to “gnome” and get it! Sorry, that was not solely compelled, nevertheless it was additionally terribly not punny…


Gamers Who Like:

Two-player video games, gnomes, brief enjoyable card video games




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