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Horizon Zero Daybreak: The Board Sport overview

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
Band collectively to take down the machines in Horizon Zero Daybreak: The Board Sport.

In 2017, Guerrilla Video games developed and Sony printed a Ps 4 online game that’s set in a world overrun by machines name Horizon Zero Daybreak. As of February 2022, the online game has bought over 20 million copies–making it one of many best-selling PlayStation 4 video games.

Due to its enormous success, Steamforged Video games introduced the online game to life in board sport type in 2020.

In Horizon Zero Daybreak: The Board Sport, gamers band collectively to type a searching celebration to take down the rampant machines.

Over the course of a number of encounters, gamers will stage up their hunters with new expertise and improve their gear to turn into even stronger earlier than they face the ultimate encounter towards the Sawtooth.


Horizon Zero Daybreak: The Board Sport could be performed as both fully cooperative or a semi-cooperative. Within the semi-cooperative model, gamers nonetheless band collectively to take down the machines, however one participant will likely be topped the victor based mostly on whoever claims essentially the most victory factors by way of their searching prowess.

However in both case, the aim of the sport is to knock out the machines.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
Diving into the sport for the primary time.



To start, every gamers chooses one of many 4 characters and takes that character’s profile card, beginning gear playing cards, beginning assets, and motion deck of playing cards. They place their beginning gear round their character card – displaying what weapons they’ll be capable of use in the course of the sport.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
I’ve acquired my gear prepared.

The gamers then select a quest. Quests are recognized by the image of the machine on the again of the monitoring playing cards which represents the enemy they’ve been charged with searching down. For the bottom sport, the primary enemy will at all times be the Sawtooth. However the gamers will monitor it down in a different way every sport.

A sport consists of 5 encounters which improve in problem. The sport board format of every encounter is set by the monitoring playing cards. These monitoring playing cards additionally element the place the enemies start on the boards and any particular terrain.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
The Monitoring playing cards are used to arrange the 5 encounters. On this sport we’re on encounter 3.

As soon as an encounter is about up based mostly on the monitoring card, gamers take turns inserting their characters on the board. Then gamers shuffle their motion deck and draw as much as their most hand measurement of 5 playing cards.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
Gamers use a deck of motion playing cards for his or her turns and discard after they take harm.


Participant Turns

Gamers take turns activating their hunter, activating the enemies, then doing a upkeep step.

For his or her hunter activation, they could carry out 2 actions (every could solely be finished as soon as):

  • Dash: Transfer as much as 2 squares in any route, together with diagonally. Enemies in adjoining squares to any of this motion turns into alert.
  • Sneak: Transfer as much as 1 sq. in any route.
  • Craft: Take 3 playing cards from the underside of their discard pile and shuffle them again into their deck.
  • Distract: Transfer a non-alert enemy inside 2 areas of their character 1 sq. in the direction of the goal sq..
  • Ranged Assault: Resolve an assault utilizing certainly one of their geared up ranged weapons.
  • Melee Assault: Resolve an assault utilizing certainly one of their geared up melee weapons.

When attacking an enemy, the participant could declare that they’re both attacking the enemy or a element on the enemy machine. They are going to play playing cards from their hand that work with the weapon getting used and roll the mixed cube indicated from the weapon and ammo playing cards performed. Then they’ll evaluate their cube outcomes with the enemy’s armor and well being factors to see how a lot harm they do.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
Enjoying an ammo card with my weapon lets me roll extra cube. The arrows signify a success.

When gamers destroy an enemy, they get glory factors for that enemy (listed on the machine playing cards).

After a participant takes their flip, all of the enemy figures activate. Alert enemies will activate first and enemies closest to the simply activated participant may even go first.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
Below assault from enemy machines.

When alert, the enemy machine makes use of its habits card to find out the way it prompts. These will embody issues comparable to motion and attacking and can differ relying on the kind of machine. As you would possibly anticipate, some machines even have particular actions. Some actions on an enemy’s card could solely be finished if the enemy nonetheless has that element. If a participant has destroyed that element, that potential gained’t take impact.

Non-alert enemies will transfer 1 house alongside their patrol routes (purple arrow pathways). If the enemy strikes off the board, they won’t return to play. When you might imagine this can be a good factor, it’s not – as a result of it means there are actually much less factors obtainable for gamers to seize by taking out the enemies.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
Occasions may even happen throughout encounters.

After the enemy activation, gamers performs a upkeep step. That is primarily a examine to see if the encounter has ended. If the mixed whole of characters fainting is the same as or better than the variety of gamers, the encounter ends in failure.

To achieve success, gamers should collectively accumulate various encounter factors equal to or better than what’s listed on the monitoring card for that encounter.

If neither of these situations are reached, the subsequent participant takes their flip.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
Gamers may even get scrap playing cards alongside the way in which.


Encounter Finish – Campfire Part

As soon as an encounter ends, gamers transfer on to the Campfire section. Throughout this section, gamers are awarded Solar tokens based mostly on how nicely they did. The participant with essentially the most glory will get a Blazing Solar token and will get the Chief token. Others could get a Full Solar or Half Solar. The participant with the least glory from the encounter will get the Fledgling token (for the subsequent encounter).

Subsequent, gamers stage up their characters. Every character has a singular Ability Tree that they are going to progress alongside. These will add new playing cards to their motion deck or improve a few of their gear.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
Characters progress utilizing a Ability Tree.

If a participant has much less playing cards of their motion deck than their most allowed, they add Stamina playing cards to their deck.

Lastly, gamers spend assets to buy from the Service provider deck. These may even improve character skills for future encounters.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
The three completely different ranges of Service provider decks to buy from between encounters.


Finish sport

As soon as gamers have gone by way of the 5 monitoring playing cards for his or her sequence of encounters, gamers whole up their victory factors based mostly on their amassed solar tokens over the course of the sport (a number of encounters). The participant with essentially the most factors wins.

Within the absolutely cooperative model of the sport, gamers don’t whole factors. As an alternative, if the gamers efficiently accomplished the ultimate encounter, all of them win as a group.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
I’ve added a coil to reinforce my tripcaster.


Can the entire household get pleasure from Horizon Zero Daybreak?

Horizon Zero Daybreak: The Board Sport was clearly made for followers of the online game.

After we first dove into taking part in Horizon Zero Daybreak the Board Sport, just one of the 4 of us had performed the online game. The primary few rounds took us some time to play by way of as a result of we had been often referencing the rulebook to verify we had been taking part in accurately and answering questions that got here up as we confronted completely different conditions. By the top of our first encounter, we had been lastly feeling like we had a deal with on the sport and all of us had a enjoyable time.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
Going up towards some Shell-Walkers.

Since that first play, nonetheless, I’ve borrowed a good friend’s PS4 and have logged about 30 hours of online game play time over the previous couple of months.

And I can now say that taking part in the online game has made an enormous distinction in moving into the board sport much more!

Each facet of the board sport now makes rather more sense to me and feels extra intuitive. I can see the small print that went into the parts and sport play components and drastically respect them. For instance:

  • How the gear (weapons, armor) encompass the character card with the shaded arc – identical to how they’re chosen to make use of within the online game.
  • The machine miniatures are spot on.
  • All of the symbols and icons peppered all through.
  • The purple pathways printed on the terrain boards – identical to highlighting the machine tracks within the online game.
  • Attacking both parts on enemy machines or the machines themselves.
  • Including modifications to gear by way of coils and weaves.
  • Why and the way gamers evade and dodge after assaults.
  • Utilizing the tall grass to remain hidden and/or sneak up on enemies.
  • Leveling up skills by way of a talent tree.
  • Why there’s a Campfire Part after an Encounter – as a result of campfires are the areas within the online game the place you save your progress.
  • And I do know what it’s like going up towards these formidable machines for the primary time and getting knocked down repeatedly.

The checklist might go on and on.

Let’s simply say I’ve turn into a transformed fan of the online game.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
The enemy machine playing cards itemizing their information.

Which can also be why it’s clear to us that the board sport is very tailor-made to followers of the online game. (Which is a big target market.)

That being stated, even once I wasn’t acquainted with the online game, I loved the encounters we performed.

We like having a number of weapons and gear to make use of. We like the mixture of utilizing playing cards out of your deck and rolling cube. And we like making an attempt to take out enemies earlier than they turn into alert. As a result of as soon as they turn into alert, they search their vengeance.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
Some enemy machines have a number of playing cards that change what they’ll do after they activate.

We additionally like with the ability to knock off parts from the machines to cut back their capabilities after they battle again.

And the truth that if machines depart the board, they don’t come again encourages us to leap proper into the hunt instantly. We are able to’t sit round and wait as a result of we’ll miss our likelihood at glory.

The double-sided boards are additionally nicely finished as a result of the completely different sides are used for various participant counts. That’s a pleasant method to regulate the play.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
Solely 5 monitoring playing cards will likely be used every sport. So the challenges will differ every time.

Nevertheless, we actually don’t just like the double-sided Full and Half Solar tokens.

The Blazing Solar tokens are the identical on each side. So after we declare one, it stands out nicely. However with the others, if we declare a Full Solar, we take the token after which should preserve it Full Solar facet up. Which is okay if we play by way of all 5 encounters in a single setting. Nevertheless, if we simply don’t have that a lot time, we put our character playing cards and tokens in baggies to maintain till we will play once more. Then after we play once more and take our stuff out of our baggies, we will’t recall if we had Full or Half Suns. Since these tokens are double-sided, they’re straightforward to combine up.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
We want the Full Solar and Half Solar tokens weren’t double-sided.

The principle method to play is the semi-cooperative mode. Nevertheless, we truly favor the absolutely cooperative manner as an alternative.

That’s largely due to how a lot you lose in case your character faints in battle.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
Saving our character stuff between encounters when it is going to be some time in between our performs.

When a participant takes harm, they discard playing cards from their motion deck. After they run out of playing cards, they faint. And after they faint, they lose all their glory gained as much as that time. And when there are solely a handful of machines to slay throughout an encounter, shedding all of your glory factors means you don’t have an opportunity to win the encounter and get a blazing solar. Plus, it additionally means your subsequent flip will likely be skipped. So that you’re actually hosed.

So until you’re going to fully take out an enemy machine, it is advisable tread rigorously. In spite of everything, why whittle one down for one more participant to swoop in and full the kill and get all of the glory? (plus placing your self liable to fainting)

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
This Strider goes down!


Sport Expansions

As you possibly can think about with a board sport based mostly on an epic online game, they only can’t match all of the cool stuff into one sport field.

And also you’d be proper.

There are expansions!

However as a result of this overview is such a protracted one already, we’ll save our overview of the expansions for our subsequent put up. Keep tuned.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
Sure, there’s extra to return.


How does Horizon Zero Daybreak: The Board Sport rating on our “Let’s Play Once more” sport meter?

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board GameHorizon Zero Daybreak: The Board Sport is a enjoyable fight sport that involves life extra for individuals who are acquainted with the online game. As such, our “let’s play once more” sport meter is a combined bag for our crew. We get large thumbs up from some and fewer enthusiasm from others.

There’s a variety of little guidelines to recollect whereas taking part in, so repeat performs is an excellent factor. And we haven’t but performed all 5 encounters of a sport in a single sitting. Which implies that it naturally pulls us again to play extra.

Nevertheless, that additionally implies that generally we finish taking part in with out feeling full – as a result of we haven’t confronted off towards the ultimate enemy.

So whereas it will get a combined rating on our “let’s play once more” sport meter, for these in our group that get pleasure from it, it’s undoubtedly going to see much more performs.

We’d wish to thank Steamforged Video games for overview copies of Horizon Zero Daybreak: The Board Sport and expansions.



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