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Japanese bread crumb coating / MON 7-11-22 / Piece of greenery for a winner’s wreath / Like a trip that has one holding on for expensive life / Venue for Stevie Nicks or the Knicks / Coconut oil and butter for 2

Constructor: Roy Greim

Relative problem: Straightforward

THEME: FINGER PAINTS (51A: Supplies for a preschool artist … or a touch to 20-, 32- and 40-Throughout) — theme solutions include each colours and hand elements, and so recommend the theoretical outcomes of finger-painting:

Theme solutions:

  • WHITE-KNUCKLE (20A: Like a trip that has one holding on for expensive life)
  • BLUEPRINTS (32A: Architectural diagrams)
  • GREEN THUMB (40A: Knack for gardening)

Phrase of the Day: PANKO (49D: Japanese bread crumb coating) —


  • (in Japanese cooking) breadcrumbs with a lightweight, flaky texture, usually used as a coating for fried or baked meals. (

• • •

Brief write-up tonight as a result of my daughter is house for simply 24 hours and I really like you all however the Monday write-up isn’t my high high precedence at this very second. You perceive. I truly suppose this theme is lovable, although yeesh how the hell did you get paint in your *knuckles*, child? That is some inventive portray. Positive, there’s some redundancy right here (your THUMB has each a PRINT and a KNUCKLE, most likely), however the theme is so tight, and slender, that I do not care a lot about both anatomical redundancies or inconceivable paint software strategies. The theme works: non-finger-painting solutions that the revealer asks us to reimagine as finger-painting solutions: simply superb! My guess is that most individuals will not even discover the theme (a lot) as a result of they’re going to be too busy crowing about their report Monday occasions. This actually was, very, very simple, even for a Monday. I could not even give you a good Phrase of the Day candidate. I needed to reuse (I believe) PANKO, which is probably the most “obscure” factor within the grid (not truly obscure). It is value noting that this puzzle isn’t just extraordinarily simple, this can be very clear, from finish to finish. No wincing. Very cautious consideration to creating the fill easy. You do not get numerous non-themer pizzazz, however HOTWIRES and SHIP’S LOG and NPR NEWS are strong longer solutions, and I am unable to say sufficient good issues a few grid that does not make me wince even as soon as. NAE is the closest to Wincetown, and meh, I’ve seen it an excessive amount of to be bothered, and anyway, if a single NAE is as dangerous because it will get, rely your self very fortunate.

Errors? Hassle spots? No, probably not. I acquired a bit stalled / distracted by the specificity of the clue on MARRED (26A: Broken, as a floor). Like, wtf is “as a floor” doing there, apart from making me overthink the reply? [Damaged] is kind of sufficient, thanks. My mind can take it from there. The hyperlink between MARRED and “floor” feels very slight, and anyway, the addition of “floor” right here isn’t clearly clarifying. Simply bizarre, that bit. I additionally do not know why Shakira was added to the SHE clue—perhaps it is only a enjoyable little little bit of trivia, and that is sufficient, however when you give me Cyndi Lauper and “-Bop,” I am good. I acquired it. I see that there is a comparable cluing approach used with ARENA, the place two examples are used within the clue so as to spotlight some similarity between these examples (within the ARENA clue, it is the “Nicks” “Knicks” homophone). I assume because it’s Monday, and there is not a hell of rather a lot else happening, why not have somewhat wordplay enjoyable. However the “enjoyable” feels somewhat anemic right now. I want the clues had somewhat extra life in them, in addition to somewhat extra enamel. Tiny enamel. Tiny Monday enamel. Woulda been good. However that is OK, too. Good day.

Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld

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