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Language Mind Teaser : Epitaphs

Braingle’s Every day Mind Teaser for Might 18, 2023

Beneath are 4 epitaphs (writing on gravestones). From the writings, are you able to inform the occupation of every individual?

1. Right here lies Mortimer Bibbs.

He took a part of ours and gave it to huge brother, however he at all times had good type.

2. Right here lies Dirk McDuff, who toppled giants with weapons of metal. If solely he’d heard his companion’s shout earlier than the giants discovered their revenge.

3. Right here lies Suzy Smelt. She constructed many a bomb however largely introduced smiles to our faces.

4. Right here lies Ethel Grant. She spent her entire life combating with what she’s going to now turn into.

Test for the reply.



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