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Low-crunch Superhero Techniques

I’m wanting ahead to testing Crusaders out in precise play.

I dropped by TBP to see how they had been doing.  Noticed a mod passing out bans as a result of any person (the writer?) tried to defend the sport’s title after different folks discovered it problematic.  I believe that needs to be a litmus check for whether or not or not RPG.web is for somebody.

Anyhow, again on subject…

1) ICONS – it is gentle, I am going to give it that.  Stuff’s outlined, and never too “loosey goosey”.  However I discovered it too rattling gentle, stripping down a number of the previous FASERIP mechanics to one thing a bunch of seven yr olds might simply grasp, after which including a couple of bits from Destiny.  It has (had?) plenty of love although, and could also be precisely what you need.

2) Fact & Justice – Even lighter than ICONS, and (as I recall) does a greater job of balancing gamers out.  If you’d like guidelines lite it will be onerous to prime.  However I personally discovered it too abstracted and light-weight.  If you’d like effectively outlined powers and getting away from old style indy recreation design (i.e. “powered by handwavium”), this can be a go.

3) Crusaders – Do not know it. 

4) Masks – Powered by the Apocalypse?  Whereas plenty of of us love PbtA video games, I am not satisfied they are not simply the “taste of the last decade”, and shall be chunked apart by 2030.  Regardless, whereas I am positive it is guidelines lite, I’ve discovered PbtA to be far more confining to truly play (by the foundations) than a recreation needs to be.  I am prepared to guess any long run play for a supers recreation would really feel much more so, however I’ve solely ever skimmed it.

5) Savage Worlds + tremendous powers – It is good inside its vary.  It desires to give you as much as cosmic degree heroes and such, however actually it is best on the Suicide Squad/90’s period X-men cartoon degree.  Thor or Hulk is kinda’ out of its scope, and I discover it is powers to be type of limiting to predefined stuff (which has some breadth and room for redefining, however not as a lot as say HERO or M&M or Wild Abilities).  That mentioned, I am undecided it is all that good if you’d like a diceless recreation; numerous folks dislike Savage Worlds’ mechanics, and the Tremendous Powers addition would not repair any of the problems folks complain about.  (And to be trustworthy, if I take into account SW+Supers, I normally discover myself additionally contemplating Mutants & Masterminds 3ed.  However that’s virtually actually an excessive amount of crunch on your group)

6) Aberrant – It goes the other of Savage Worlds+ Supers, in that it focuses on greater finish characters.  And characters do really feel excessive powered!  That mentioned, gamers would possibly really feel considerably restricted by the facility choices obtainable, and the system would not actually help mega-inventors.  Nonetheless, it makes use of the ST system and is (I might argue) lighter than Savage Worlds.

7) Wild Abilities – I might say it is one of many lighter techniques, provides gamers loads of means to make their very own powers, and has some fairly neat setting books if I am trustworthy.  That mentioned, the system (ORE) simply would not do it for me; you want matching pairs or higher, and supers have methods to each roll -lots- of cube and “set” the numbers rolled.  And shopping for a pair of tens (a assured single excessive success) is so widespread within the system it is outright boring to me due to it.

8) Nobilis – A diceless system about “conceptual gods” that may work effectively so long as you desire a “single origin supers” kind of recreation.  On your wants, 3ed might be going to be mechanically higher than 2ed.  However 3ed is a canine turd of format and graphic design, and 2ed is a borderline murals.  (And if you are going to take into account Nobilis, you must also look into Godbound.  It is an try to make a lite model of Exalted utilizing OSR, that may additionally double as a generic single-origin “conceptual gods” recreation of supers). 



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