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magic the gathering – Triggered skill decision order (603.3b) for a number of gamers

Suppose my opponent has a Kaervek the Cruel

At any time when an opponent casts a spell, Kaervek the Cruel offers injury equal to that spell’s mana worth to any goal.

and I’ve a Balefire Liege

Different purple creatures you management get +1/+1.
Different white creatures you management get +1/+1.
Everytime you solid a purple spell, Balefire Liege offers 3 injury to focus on participant or planeswalker.
Everytime you solid a white spell, you acquire 3 life.

It is my flip, I’ve 1 life left and I attempt to Sword to Plowshares Kaervek. If I perceive the rule accurately, I’ll first put the Balefire Liege +3 life on the stack, then my opponent will put the 1 injury to any goal on the stack. On decision, Kaervek will deal injury first and I’ll lose immediately. Rule 603.3b states:

603.3b If a number of skills have triggered because the final time a participant obtained precedence, the skills are positioned on the stack in a two-part course of. First, every participant, in APNAP order, places every triggered skill they management with a set off situation that isn’t one other skill triggering on the stack in any order they select. (See rule 101.4.) Second, every participant, in APNAP order, places all remaining triggered skills they management on the stack in any order they select. Then the sport as soon as once more checks for and performs state-based actions till none are carried out, then skills that triggered throughout this course of go on the stack. This course of repeats till no new state-based actions are carried out and no skills set off. Then the suitable participant will get precedence.

It is senseless to me because the lively participant will at all times be at a drawback since its triggered skills will at all times resolve final.

Is that this the proper interpretation of the foundations? Would ready for my opponent’s flip to solid the Swords to Plowshares change something to this?



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