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Psionic Crystallized Behemoth Lightbound Boreus Storms Into Dauntless In New Patch

Dauntless Lightbound Boreus

At this time, the co-op motion RPG Dauntless by Phoenix Labs launched patch 1.11.0 and launched a brand new variant Behemoth to the sport. Crystallized menace Lightbound Boreus has been sighted on Conundrum Rocks after the looks of Lightbound Koshai, managed by an unknown entity and powered by its inherent psionic talents. As the most recent Behemoth within the Shattered Isles, it’s going to be a difficult combat for keen gamers.

Lightbound Boreus is erratic resulting from its reference to radiant crystals and can typically haphazardly stomp and tail slam at gamers, amplified in energy by its crystallized physique. Boreus has some troublesome talents as nicely, resembling Radiant Boundaries that may shield itself or lure gamers inside it and summon aether-charged minions that may be tough to kill. Moreover, from the brand new Dire Discovery season, gamers will assist Kat Sorrel work out what’s inflicting Behemoth variations to spawn throughout the Shattered Isles after the arrival of Lightbound Boreus.

For reforge rewards, expert gamers now can be a part of the Adamant Fists and earn a particular beauty armor set by proving themselves to the Scarred Grasp. Gamers can go to her in Ramsgate to begin a collection of quests however will need to have accomplished Milestone XII on the Slayer’s Path and have all of the Rezakiri and Shrowd armor to start.

It would not be a brand new content material patch with out some Hunt Go love, so gamers can unlock the brand new Blaze Hawk Down beauty and earn a set of Blaze Hawk armor and weapon skins. Within the Dungeon Delvers Hunt Go, gamers can get their arms on the Wayfinder’s armor set and weapons. Including to the brand new Dire Discovery season are weekly challenges, platinum retailer choices, and reward cache gadgets. By gathering Relic Cash from season content material, gamers can use them to unlock a set of Demon’s Bane gear from the previous Haunted Shadows Hunt Go.

You possibly can learn the patch notes on the Dauntless web site to study extra!

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