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puzzle creation – A Theoretical Dive Into the Guide Cipher

The next code, of my very own making, follows a well known, normal process. Nonetheless, it could be attention-grabbing to notice that there’s something distinctive about it. Try to break it—it will in all probability be simple, however the concept of what occurs is fairly neat. Observe the directions you discover on the best way. The reply shall be a generic group of three phrases. (Disregard all that comes earlier than this colon in your makes an attempt to unravel this puzzle.):

“12 32 18 8 14 68 69 27 52 43 5 17 3 40 75 7 79”

“Thoughts turned to puzzles, labyrinthine gambits, reacquisition, tempi, Chess. He moved unbeknownst, warriors hypervigilant, forming an epic, enigmatically, a narrative. His recreation was a code, an summary, a cryptic sample. A seer solely might decode his assaults; they’re solveproof. To see transliterated, to talk unusual phrases may puzzle, however alas, straightish in fact was the best way to seek out solutions. Because the puzzle appears all an excessive amount of eschew; literati overthink. Don’t, his final envoi, is what he stated.
He addresses those that search, that this, what you now maintain, is the ebook for the code. Later (a lot later), he says, when one is delving for the third, start with “The Unanimous”. Lastly, the wizard states, assume not too deeply of this riddle—the phrases’ which means are unimportant, this passage is your key.”

For assist fixing, attempt trying to find the ebook cipher software.



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