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Requesting Suggestions on Test Sum for Phrase Linking Puzzle Stage

I would like the group’s suggestions on a puzzle I’m contemplating creating.

In case your reply is actual brief, a remark is ok. In any other case, please depart an actual reply.

As an instance the solver is given, as one of many earlier phases in a puzzle, many units of two phrases that should be linked collectively. One set, for instance, is perhaps

iron ______ ______ spray

and one wants to determine the linking phrases as follows:

iron abdomen bug spray

the place “iron abdomen”, “abdomen bug”, and “bug spray” are all recognized issues.

I am strongly contemplating together with a verify sum for each reply affirmation and likewise to stop (hopefully) the solver from trying to maneuver to the following stage with a solution that is not the supposed reply, however which may additionally match (nevertheless unlikely).

For the instance above, the verify sum would appear to be this:

iron abdomen bug spray verify sums: 27, 9

the place 27 is the sum of the A1Z26 values for the primary and final letter of the anticipated reply:
For “abdomen”, s(19) + h(8) is 27, and for “bug”, b(2) + g(7) is 9.

It is exceedingly unlikely that an unintended reply would cross the verify sum additionally.

The query:
Is that this fascinating? Is it useful? Too useful? Annoying? Overkill? Not sufficient? Different strategies or concepts are welcome.



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