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The 7 most stunning moments from HBO’s The Final of Us

HBO’s The Final of Us has concluded its first season, and audiences are reeling after every little thing they skilled all through the primary 9 episodes. Joel and Ellie’s journey all through post-apocalyptic America was lengthy and arduous, and the struggling they endured by the hands of people and Contaminated alike was removed from forgiving.

Now that the primary a part of their journey is lastly over, right here’s a glance again at a few of the most stunning moments within the collection.

7. Outbreak Day

Two people drive a car in The Last of Us.

In a scene taken straight out of the sport, Joel tries to flee Austin with Sarah and Tommy because the mutant cordyceps fungus breaks out throughout the nation, turning folks into Contaminated monsters. Sarah first encounters one within the type of her once-kind aged neighbor, Mrs. Adler, as she feasts on one other particular person’s physique.

Within the ensuing chaos, total houses are set ablaze, riots flood the streets, and bombs are dropped on the town. However in a horrifying twist, an airplane actually falls from the sky, inflicting Joel’s truck to crash.

6. The day Ellie is born

Ashley Johnson stands in the woods in The Last of Us Episode 9.
Liane Hentscher/HBO

In a scene made particularly for the present, Ellie’s mom, Anna, provides beginning to her in an deserted home simply as she fends off an Contaminated assault. Sadly, Anna is left contaminated, however as a result of it occurred earlier than she lower Ellie’s umbilical wire, her daughter turned proof against Cordyceps.

Even so, Anna is compelled to present Ellie away to Marlene, however she asks her buddy to kill her to stop her from changing into one other flesh-eating monster. At first, it looks as if Marlene can’t bear to meet her buddy’s dying want, however after placing Ellie within the different room, Marlene walks again and rapidly shoots Anna useless, starting the season 1 finale with a literal bang.

5. Sam and Henry die

Henry in The Last of Us.

Although Joel and Ellie escape Kansas Metropolis with Henry and Sam alive, the eight-year-old Sam nonetheless finally ends up contaminated with Cordyceps. Although Ellie tries to remedy him together with her blood, she wakes up the following morning to the contaminated Sam attacking her. Henry is then compelled to shoot his little brother useless, however he’s so shocked by what he has executed that he shoots himself proper in entrance of Joel and Ellie.

Although it was fairly clear that it was too late for Sam, it nonetheless doesn’t detract from how horrifying it’s to look at him and Henry die the way in which they did.

4. Ellie faces David

David wears a winter jacket in The Last of Us Episode 8.
Liane Hentscher/HBO

In episode 8, Ellie encounters David, a seemingly benevolent preacher main a small group of survivors in Colorado, however she quickly learns that he’s a violent and manipulative cult chief secretly feeding his folks, properly … folks. It’s thus implied that David secretly made one of many grieving women in his group eat her recently-dead father.

David solely will get extra detestable when he tries to sexually assault Ellie as she tries to flee his wrath. At this level, there’s completely nothing sympathetic about him, so it comes as each a shock and aid when Ellie takes a cleaver and chops him to loss of life. Although Ellie makes it out alive, her screams of terror present that this expertise will stick together with her, in addition to the viewers, for a very long time.

3. Invoice and Frank’s pact

A still of Bill and Fred getting married in The Last of Us HBO TV show.

In a robust deviation from the supply materials, episode 3 reveals that Invoice’s long-time companion Frank requested that he assist him finish his personal life to spare them each the burden of his degenerative illness. The 2 of them take advantage of their final day collectively by getting married, however it’s nonetheless heart-wrenching to see Invoice undergo together with his promise by giving him wine laced with capsules.

However Invoice surprises Frank and the viewers when he reveals that he additionally put capsules in his personal drink, selecting to die alongside Frank. Since Invoice was alive within the recreation when Joel and Ellie arrive at his dwelling, followers would’ve anticipated solely Frank to have died within the present. Thus, Invoice and Frank’s suicides make for a stunning finish for such a loving couple.

2. Sarah’s loss of life

Joel holds Sarah's body in The Last of Us.

Even a decade after the sport’s launch, audiences nonetheless weren’t ready for this second. After crashing within the streets of Austin, Texas, Joel and Sarah flee from an contaminated Runner chasing them at blinding velocity. A U.S. soldier saves their lives, however their aid doesn’t final, because the gunman is ordered to shoot them each subsequent.

Tommy arrives simply in time to kill the soldier to rescue Joel, however Sarah nonetheless will get shot and dies in her father’s arms. Although they escaped being killed by Contaminated, Joel couldn’t save his daughter from being killed by an everyday man, establishing the true horror of this story.

1. Joel kills the Fireflies

Joel holds a rifle in The Last of Us.

When Joel and Ellie lastly attain the Fireflies’ base in Salt Lake Metropolis, the previous is shocked to study that they intend to create a remedy for Cordyceps by taking a chunk of Ellie’s mind in a deadly process, all with out telling her about what would occur to her. However as an alternative of letting the Fireflies conduct the surgical procedure and probably save the world, Joel kills nearly everybody within the constructing, together with Marlene, to save lots of Ellie.

This second has lengthy been the topic of debate by many followers, however whether or not or not you suppose Joel did the fitting factor, it’s a must to admit that he was within the incorrect for brutally murdering these folks, together with one Firefly who lowered his weapon.

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