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triominoes – Tri-Ominoes: Is the -5 factors per drawn tile rule vital?

I’ve the 1997 version of Tri-Ominoes.

Beside the per tile and bridge/hex scoring, there are three sorts of scoring regarding eliminating tiles rapidly.

  1. First to eliminate all their tiles earns 25pts.
  2. Additionally they rating the tile worth of all of the tiles within the different individuals’s hand.
  3. If you cannot play a tile, you draw till you may, and rating -5 factors per tile drawn.

This primarily appears to attain towards a participant 3 times for drawing tiles. That’s, if they can not play and draw tiles, they’re instantly dropping factors on every tile drawn, every tile draw will make them much less prone to end first, and people further tiles they drew rely towards them once more once they’ve obtained them left over!

It appears to me that you could possibly get rid rule 3 and probably rule 2, which might simplify rating calculation, and appears far much less punitive. (ie. it looks as if in any sport, the one that finishes first goes to win by an enormous margin).

Am I lacking one thing right here?

The one consideration I can consider, is that in case you do not present any disincentive towards drawing, then it might permit for somebody to attract till they discover bridge and hex items and win on these factors.



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