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Trivia Quiz: Symbolic Colors (3)

Braingle’s Each day Trivia Quiz for Jul 16, 2022

An Different Quiz : All colors have hidden meanings, they affect our bodily capabilities, and may symbolise occasions and feelings. How a lot have you learnt about colors?

1. What does the color inexperienced symbolise?
2. What can the color inexperienced do to the physique?
3. What does the phrase "going inexperienced" imply?
4. What does the color blue symbolise?
5. What can the color blue do to the physique?
6. The color blue can be utilized to lower urge for food.
7. What does the color purple symbolise?
8. What can the color purple do to the physique?
9. Which class can the color purple go into?
10. Heliotrope is a kind of purple.

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