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What’s a Rollercoaster™?

If a sentence conforms to a sure rule, I name it a Rollercoaster™. Discover the rule that decides whether or not a sentence is a Rollercoaster™ or not.

Sentences which might be rollercoasters:

  • Why?
  • Oh oh!
  • Hey, respect earth enthusiastically, cheerful will or not it’s.
  • Simply be you.
  • Each important-looking forenoon runs on tea.
  • Assessment new approaches, contemporary interconnections; bear in mind, open an eye fixed.
  • Studying lets us see.
  • Respecting ethical incontrovertible protocol, exit or queue.
  • Extraterrestrial entities stay on X.

Sentences that aren’t rollercoasters:

  • Actually?
  • Hey there!
  • Look deep into nature, and it’ll enable you to perceive every little thing higher.
  • Simply do it.
  • Wet days must be spent at house, with a cup of tea.
  • Assessment new views, contemporary interconnections; bear in mind, open an eye fixed.
  • I stood fortunately, by the ocean.
  • Respecting ethical incontrovertible protocol, queue or exit.
  • Extraterrestrial entities stay on Planet X.


Bonus Puzzle: Create a 10-word Rollercoaster™.



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